AMBIENT-TEMPERATURE SULFIDE-REMOVAL ADSORBENT HTZM-1 You May Also Be Interested In: adsorbent sulfide removal adsorbent zinc oxide adsorbent
1. Product features and scope of application
zinc oxide adsorbent HTZM-1 is applicable to deep desulfurization of liquid propylene and industrial feed gases at ambient temperature. It not only absorbs hydrogen sulfide, but also has certain conversion and absorption capability for COS in the stream. Overall sulfur (H2S+COS) in the treated stream can be less than 0.1ppm.
2. Physical properties
Appearance Grey-black extrudates
Size 4W4-15mm
Bulk density 0.95-1.15 kg/L
3. Quality norm
Side crushing strength min50 N/cm
loss on attrition max 6%
Breakthrough sulfur absorption capacity min10% (wt)
4 . Operation condition
Pressure ambient to 3.0MPa
Temperature 20-1200
GHSV 500-1000h-1
LHSV 2-5
L/D of the adsorbent bed min3
Sulfur in feed stream (mainly H2S) max10ppm
Sulfur at the outlet max0.1 ppm
No regeneration is needed for spent adsorbent. But absorption may continue after the adsorbent bed is broken through , until the catalyst is finally saturated with sulfur. For example, feed stream can pass through 1st reactor even when it has been broken through, until it is saturated with sulfur and changed. This lowers sulfur content in the stream to 2nd reactor and makes full play of the absorption capacity of the adsorbent in 1st reactor.