Sell AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR High Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

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A high-performance two-cycle oil with a performance emphasis on exhaust power vales. Excellent for all types of snowmobiles, motorcycles, personal watercraft, ATVs and jet boats. Contains high levels of detergent additives to prevent valve sticking. High quality replacement for manufacturer branded oils. Injector use or 50:1 premix.

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is formulated with a proprietary blend of the finest synthetic base oils and additives available today. This unique AMSOIL Chemistry represents a breakthrough development in the field of two-cycle engine lubrication. The backbone of AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR 2-Cycle Oil is a specially developed molecularly saturated synthetic base oil. This, combined with a robust additive package, ensures exceptional lubricity, cleanliness and optimum clean-burning characteristics. Extensive research and testing, including a full snowmobiling season in severe Rock Mountain applications, has proven that wear on cylinders, pistons and bearings is significantly reduced. And with up to 30 percent more detergency and dispersancy additives than typical two-cycle oils, AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR virtually eliminates hard carbon deposits that cause exhaust power valve sticking, ring sticking and pre-detonation promoting "hot spots" in the combustion chamber.

Other Package sizes include:

1-Quart Bottle
1-Quart Bottles (case of 12)
1-Gallon Bottle
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16-Gallon Keg
30-Gallon Drum
55-Gallon Drum
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