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The Stabilizers provided by ASCEND are made from premium chrome molybdenese alloy steel (except for non-magnetic style) , heat treated by special procedure and obtain expected hardness, strength and impact value properties. All threads are made strictly in accordance with API specification. The hardbanding of stabilizers employ "pressed in" Tungsten Carbide alloy buttons or other anti-wear materials. All stabilizers should be ultrasonic tested.
Ascend also provides non-magnetic stabilizers.

1. Interchangeable Sleeve Stabilizer

This Interchangeable Sleeve Stabilizer is made of 4145H alloy steel. Heat treated to 285-341 Brinell Hardness and 54 Joules minimum impact value. All physical properties would be guaranteed 1" below the surface. The kind of stabilizer is constructed of two pieces which are jointed by the center connection and one sleeve. Every stabilizer is equipped with a certain size of sleeve.

2. Rotary Stabilizer

This Interchangeable Rotary Sleeve Stabilizer is used as a downhole tool, for built angle, drop angle and hold angle, It has the advantages of both Interchangeable sleeve stabilizers and rotary sleeve stabilizers, can adapt different well sizes by change the sleeve and Rollers. Extend its lifetime by change the abrased rollers.

3. Integral Straight Rib Stabilizer
The straight rib stabilizers are made of AISI 4145H alloy steel by one piece of integral bar. Every stabilizer has four straight ribs that pressed Tungsten Carbide buttons or other types of hardfacing are located on the surface of the ribs. Ultrasonic inspection is performed on each stabilizer.
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