Sell APS-Solid State Voltage Regulator

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Features & Advantages:

*4 H : HIGH Input Power Factor, HIGH VA Efficiency, HIGH Over Load Capacity, HIGH Reliability.

*5L : LOW Environmental Pollution ( Green Energy ) , LOW Electromagnetic Wave Interference, LOW Audible Noise, LOW Maintenance Costs, LOW No Load Energy Consumption.

*CLEAN : Clean and constant AC Power output. No radiation interference to electromagnetic field (EMF) ; No transmitting interference to electrified wire fence.

*FAST : Fast Response Time (<=4mS. /step) .

*FLEXIBLE : Any loads are applicable. Generator friendly.

*NEW : CE approval. New Design; New Circuits; New Patent.

*RELIABLE : DSP/Microprocessor Control circuits increase the reliability and stability.

*SAFE : Automatic Electronic Bypass Protection, Over Load Protection, Over Range Protection to let your load well protected.

*SAVE : Superior No Load Energy Consumption reduces operating costs through utility savings compared to SCR type or Ferroresonant Transformer. Compact size & light weight saves your space and transportation fee.

*STABLE : Independent Phase Voltage Regulation. Characteristics will not be violated under 100% unbalance load.

*WIDE : +/-25% input voltage range is useable.
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