Sell APW2010-waterjet, the ultra-high pressure water cutting machine

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All-Powerful CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet serious products are unique CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet equipment who has the holistic patent. We adopt special army material , excellent processing technics and professional software to make the products represent eximious capability in different areas and working conditions.
Presently, APW waterjet is widely applied to cutting structural ceramics, stone, glass and semifinishing for metal plates. It uses clean energy and consumable material so that it does not influence operators body and work surroundings at all. Its main character is easy to operate and maintain, long useful life of components, small dosage of consumable materials, high cutting efficiency and little scraps. Thus, you can lower production cost and get more profit by saving manpower, time and materials.
Waterjet utilizes intensifier to pressurize common filtered-water to 100-400MPa, in a split second, then water pressure converted into kinetic energy by a energy converter, and 0.8mm tiny beam spouting out at a speed of 800-1000m/s. Waterjet can be used to cut all kinds of metals, nonmetallic materials and composites. It is characterized by small kerf, high precision, excellent edge quality, no chemical or thermal transformation and no dross.
This machine's model is APW-2010, also it can be customized.
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20*10 decimeter
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1 unit
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