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AR3 Germany is the latest development of metal detection equipment location. Used in archeology, looking for gold and silver items, such as the positioning of metal pipes. It's fast search, the search of a football field just finished 1-3 hours. Detection, first rule out the mineralization special loop electrosurgical work. So that the equipment will not be affected by the use of mineral salts and the reaction material, and be able to identify different types of metal-specific. The instrument is equipped with 2 disk into the water, its conductivity can ring in water use.
The instrument has in-depth exploration of deep, accurate positioning features, simple to use and easy to carry.
technical parameters: Size: 198mm * 157mm * 62mm Weight: 1100 grams (battery included) Energy: 12v/2Ah Operating hours: energy can work 10 hours Charge time: 3-4 hours fast charge The host (Figure 1) : host, the electronic components in the quality and stability of the rack in coordination with each other, host of the four surface-conditioning button. Regulation of other Whenever the RESET button, or change the location of the site into an error or signal must click the button to confirm. MOOD to OFF, turn off the machine. To BATT, check the battery power, the first table shows the battery power supply, battery, to tell you how much power is left. To ALLM, which detect any metal, will report to the police encounter. To DISC, it can identify different metals for different metals, it forms the head of the indicators point to be different. FREQ frequency modulator VOLUME adjust the volume DISC indicator light when the object file to capture the specific conductivity, in the bright light just right, indicators point to a specific location, the type of metal to know. And the light indicator will show up to the type of metal into the metal plate from the top away. The host with a belt, hung on to the people who carried out the operation, so that the instruments do not have a hand-held. Conductivity of the circle is the main mineralization reaction ruled out salts and material interference, especially for water in the cave and closed, and other closed environments. The small plate into the radius of 45 cm, used to detect medium-sized objects, suitable for medium-wide to find accurate. Explore the site suitable for detecting medium-size high value of the treasures, such as gold ingots, and other objects. When using the site to explore parallel with the ground and keep the distance between 2-5 cm. Regulation of the exploration site is that he should remain in the ground and 5 cm high, well after the adjustment in accordance with RESET button, by 3 seconds. The voltage of 250 volts, you can access voltage of 220 volts to 260 volts of power supply equipment for the charge. To the left of the pin used to access the host for the instruments charge. To the right of access to plug in the power supply vehicle for the instrument charge. Is the jack on the left side of the plate used to connect into the plug, is also used to connect the charger plug, the right of the headphone jack is used to connect the plug. Detection methods: Before digging in your treasures, the following must be taken into account: 1 frequency adjustment 2 pitch of intensity 3, the voice of the duration of the 4 indicators Deflection 5 conductivity data In the detection, tone of voice changes, is the first signal a symbol of the existence of metal objects. Before digging in, all these factors into account, but also rely on personal experience. Detection, issued by the strength of the stronger tone, the greater the volume of objects. The voice of change and the shift indicator is simultaneously so that a better analysis and found objects. In the voices of strength and a good indicator of the shift to determine the size of the object, the shape of the object may be able to know that the conductive objects through the understanding and identification of the type of metal. If you want to identify the type of metal, it is necessary to choose the DISC profile, the better frequency re-tune the file, according to the RESET button 3 seconds, you can detect the. PULSE AR III metal recognition, and insert it inside the micro-processor to estimate the conductivity of metal, so it do not need to spin into the plate. Improvement in this area to improve on its great depth of the probe. In the survey, if the tone is very weak, it can be ignored. Conductivity of metal was estimated, which requires that if metal detected, it will issue a tone of high intensity. As long as the exploration of the site is the location of the treasure is buried at the top of the conductivity coefficient will be stored and displayed at the head table. We recommend that you detect when the first ALLM to the file, to hear the stability of tone, strength strong enough, in its DISC to the file. Probe set to keep away from the ground and a high degree of stability, according to the RESET button in 2 seconds. Then remove the disk detection, repeating the above action until the voice to reach the most time, DISC diode light of the Lantern Festival, the first table would show the conductive metal. Conductive metal to the instructions of the data and instructions for metal value compared to its main purpose is to determine the type of metal. The metal value of the instruction is implied about the value of the metal, you can detect your own experience to judge. For example, a 10 cm * 10 cm iron, which is the value of the data 40. The same size piece of gold plate, the value of the data is 50, if a piece of silver plate, in the first table shows the value of the data is 100. The shape and size of the object changes in the first table shows the value of the data will change. It is necessary to rely on your experience to judge the probe. Note: To ensure that the data showed that the conduction of the right, whenever the shift, had to press RESET button. The wrong signal to the identification of: In the detection process, as the filter and regulator of diversity, it would be some interference will affect the value of the metal apparatus of the judge. 1. Magnetic oxides in the soil, its first table shows the conductivity coefficient would be wrong. 2. A large block of iron will be mistaken for precious metals. 3. To determine the type of metal, metal to reach the size of 5 cm * 5 cm 4. If the two elements close to the metal, may be false 5. Will interfere with radio transmission equipment 6. A strong magnetic field, especially in high-V antennas would interfere with the equipment Changes in the voice of the first hint of the presence of metal objects. Alarm sounds, the stronger intensity, that the greater volume of burial objects. Notes: The instruments in suited to the large scope of the search area, the deeper the depth of burial objects. If you want to search for large objects, it is necessary to set into large, it is necessary to search for small objects, use a small plate into power with the size of the detection of changes in the size of the disk automatically. The machines equipped with Conduction of micro-processors, such as iron, gold and silver, which can be identified, and the head table of data through different indicators point to tell people the type of metal. If the old burial objects, it will have in-depth exploration of the 80% increase