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Fly Category Sub-Categories and Examples
Dry Flies and Emergers Mayflies, Olives, PMD/Sulphurs, Gray/Tan/Brown, Green Drakes, Tricos, Spinners, Caddisflies, Prospecting Flies, Midges, Terrestrials, Stoneflies
Nymphs Prospecting Nymphs, Beadheads & Tungheads, Mayflies, Caddis, Stoneflies, Midges, Crustaceans, Eggs & Worms
Streamers Muddlers & Sculpins, Traditional & Bucktails, Zonkers & Matukas, Buggers & Leeches
Wet Flies Soft Hackles, Classic Wets
Saltwater Flies Baitfish Imitations, Bonefish/Permit, Crab Flies, Tarpon, Striper/Blues/Bonito/False Albacore, Snook/Reds/Sea Trout, Barracuda Flies, Sailfish/Marlin/Tuna Flies
Bass and Panfish Flies Poppers, Hair Bugs, Crawfish, Eels, Shad Flies
Salmon and Steelhead Flies Steelhead Flies, Atlantic Salmon Flies
Farlows of London, established in 1840 and currently in business at 9 Pall Mall in London, UK sells its flies using the following taxonomy, not that much different from Orvis. Probably the largest difference between the UK and US characterization of fly types is the Streamer (US) and Lure (UK) label:
Fly Category Sub-Categories and Examples
Lures Blob Flies, Boobies, Bungs, Fry Patterns, Glass Minnows, Golden Nuggets, Krystal Eggs, Muddlers, Nobblers, Nomads, Tube Flies, Tadpoles, Zonkers
Nymphs Bead Heads, Mayflies, Damsels, Buzzers, Czechs, Shrimps, Pheasant Tails, Larvae and Pupae
Pike Flies Bunny Flies, Divers, Bombers
Salmon Flies Salmon Singles, Salmon Doubles, Salmon Trebles, Tubes, Waddingtons, Irish Shrimps
Seatrout Flies Sea-Trout Spiders, Sea-Trout Tubes
Steelhead Flies Egg Sucking Zonkers, Sucking Leech, Bullets
Saltwater Sea Bass Flies, Bonefish Flies, Tarpon and Barracuda Flies, Shrimps and Crabs, Poppers, Eels