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ARTYONG Thermal CTP Plate


Power up your compatibility Artyong Thermal CTP Plate, the advanced thermal CTP plate with great compatibility is specially designed for making plates in various platesetters, suitable for newspaper and commercial printing. Together with the great compatibilities, there are friendly plate-making, faster adaptations and more chemical alternatives. It will truly save your operation time as well as your plate cost.

One stop to make you whole Artyong Thermal CTP Plate, it needs less adjustment than the other thermal CTP plates that you are using now. By checking few factors and adjusting the linearity, you can use the Artyong Thermal CTP Plate with your existing systems freely. If you are tired of dealing with the sole supplier on pricing, service or stock issues, or you are not satisfied of being constrained by the vendors bundling strategy, why don't you just

replace them by an advanced new plate? Artyoong Thermal CTP Plate will not only bring you freedom but also push you to move forward faster than ever.

High resolution Low cost Artyong Thermal CTP Plate, the new technology applied to the Artyong Thermal CTP Plate will generate the fine resolution as well as the good reproduction through various plate-setters. Moreover, the great cost-saving by using Artyong Thermal CTP Plate will advance you more room to compete against other competitors in both quality and pricing. You will enjoy the new experience. . . Gain More, Pay Less!


Thickness:0.15 , 0.20 , 0.25 , 0.30 , 0.40 (mm) ( 0.20 & 0.40 only for quantity orders)


Light Source: Infrared Diode Laser

Exposure energy: 100 ~ 120( mj/cm2 )

Dot reproductive range: 1~99 ( % ) ( at 450lpi )

Wavelength peak output: 800~850 ( nm ) (Peak : 830m)


Developer: MAX DP-2

Replenisher: MAX DP-2R

Processing temperature: 241 1 (0)

Processing time: 30 (secs)

Replenishment Rate: 90 ( ml/m2 )

Working environment: Daylight

Press room

Run length (Normal status)

Unbaked: 150000 impressions

Baked: above 1000000 impressions

Static: 5 minutes at 2400
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