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TM-3107 ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) broadband light source
is designed specially for manufacturing of passive optical components and for testing in lab research. The main body of the light source is composed of high-powered pump laser and erbium doped fiber. Inimitable ATC and APC circuits are used to ensure the stability of the output power. The output power can be adjustable in a certain range by adjusting the APC. The JW3107 broadband ASE light source can operate in the C band, the L band as well as in the C+L band.

High output power, the max output power can reach 100 mw.
Wide operating bandwidth, covering C-band and/or L-band
Excellent flatness within spectrum range
Intelligent micro processing system and long distance control
High stability and reliability
Highly accurate ATC and APC control electro circuit

Manufacturing and Testing of Passive Optical Components
WDM Testing
Manufacturing and Testing of EDFA
Lab Testing and Fiber Optic Sensor Systems
Other Optical Fiber Engineering Applications
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STM -3107
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