Sell ASMR480/18 Sterilizing and Drying Machine

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Main Application
It is used for the sterilizing and drying of glass containers such as needle bottle, vial, oral liquid bottles and the others.
Principle of Functioning
In the transporting process, the cleaned filter glass bottle pass by the pre-heating zone, the high-temperature zone and the cooling zone, to reach the aim of drying, sterilizing and getting rid of the hot source.
Performance Characteristic
The structure of this machine high temperature zone is advanced and reasonable, the space is compact, and the safety is high. Although it happen to face power-off case, it well be no damage because of high-temperature; Saving of energy, the neat power is 18KW, the energy consumption is low, it has the advance as energy saving; The net belt for bottle delivering together with armor balustrade of verge to an organic whole, in same step motion, make bottle delivering responsibly, does not appear bottle picking, bottle-down and bottle broken; The supervisory and control arrangement of each part is complete, can offer effective guarantee for the useful of machine.
Main Technical Parameter
Capacity; 6000-24000bottle/hour
The highest temperature of drying and sterilization : 4000
The effective width of the belt conveyance: 480mm
The effective length of the preheat segment: 1900mm
The effective length of the cooling segment: 1400mm
The applicable height of the container: <=160mm
Cleanliness: 100grades
Electricity power: 5Kw 380V 50Hz Heating Power: 18Kw
Overall Size: 4000W1800W2230mm Net Weight: 2460Kg