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The ATM Cell Encryptor provides data privacy and access control for connections between vulnerable public and private ATM networks.

It employs DES / Triple-DES / User Specific / Customized algorithms and, with the flexibility to choose the desired interface module, can be deployed in T1, E1, T3, E3, OC3c and OC12c networks.

The ATM Cell Encryptor can be centrally controlled or managed across multiple remote stations using an SNMP-based security management system, network as well as the end-users within the secured environment. The ATM Cell Encryptor encrypts only the user data and leaves the routing information in the header of the ATM cell intact.

Independent encryption key pair for each virtual circuit (VC) .

Full line-rate encryption of ATM cell payloads.

Mixed encrypted and unencrypted traffic options.

ATM routing, signaling and management information unaltered.

Automatic and transparent key exchange for PVC, PVP connections during setup.

Manual or transparent automatic key distribution.

Supports Permanent virtual channels (PVCs) and permanent virtual paths (PVPs) / Switched virtual circuits (SVC's) / Point-to-point (PP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) .
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