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Amino Tri(methylene phosphonic acid)

Abbreviation: ATMP

Common Trade Names: Dequest 2000, Briquest 301-50A, Unihib 305

Molecular weight: 299


Appearance: Clear, colorless to pale yellow aqueous solution

Active Content 48.0 - 52.0 %
Phosphorous acid (as PO3 3- ) 4.0% max
Phosphoric acid (as PO4 3- ) 0.8% max.
Chloride (as CL- ) 1.0% max
pH (1% Water Solution) 2.0 max
Density (200C) g/cm3 1.31 - 1.35
Iron 10.0ppm max
Ca sequestration mg CaCO3/g 400 min.

Applications: It is mainly used as Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor, Peroxide Stabilizer in Cooling and Boiler Water Treatment, Textile Dying etc.

Packing: Normally In 250kg net Plastic Drum, IBC's can also be used as required.

ATMP is also available as its Sodium Salt solution.
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