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Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP)

[CAS] 6419-19-8 Dequest: 2000

Molecular Formula: N(CH2PO3H2)3 Molecular weight: 299.05

This product has better antiscale performance than that of polyphosphate through its excellent chelating ability, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion process. It can prevent scale formation in water system. ATMP has good stability and is hard to be hydrolyzed in water system. At high concentration, it has good corrosion inhibition. This product is widely used in industrial circulating cool water system and oilfiled water pipeline, it can decrease scale formation and inhibit corrosion of metal equipment and pipeline. It can be used as chelating agent in weaven and dyeing industries and as metal surface treatment agent.

items index
Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid White crystal powder
Active acid % 48.0-52.0 95 min
Chloride (as Cl-) % 2.0(or1.0) min 1.0 min
pH value (1% solution) 2.0 max 2.0 max
Fe (as Fe3+) (ppm) 20 20
Density (200) g/cm3 1.33 min 
Colour APHA (Hazen) 40 min 
Model Number
[CAS] 6419-19-8
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