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Product Name:Desert car
spec. :CYGK-001
Carton size: 2400x1400x750mm, 2400x1200x750mm
Dimension: 2350x1620x1450 MM (L*W*H) ,
Weight: 265kgs
Ground clearance: 280mm
Front/Back wheel distance: 1800mm
Front wheelbase: 1400mm
Back wheelbase: 1300mm
Turning radius: 4m
Max. Speed: 65km/h
Range: 100km
Braking distance: 3m
Displacement: 250cc
Engine type: 172mm, 4-stroke , water-cooled
Wheel: front 19x7-8, rear 22x10-10
Starting system: Electric
Gearbox: Automatic transmission with reverse
Transmission system: Chain
Fuel tank: 5L
Steering angle: 45.
Brake: hydraulic disc brake
Suspension: 4 wheel independent suspension