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we sale 8 kinds of ATV and 2 kinds of dirt bike,
one of the ATV is NO. fh48e,
this is some information about it:

size(lWwWh) : 1400W840W930 mm
battery: 40ah x 4
motor: 2000w(without brush motor)
wheelbase: 930mm
wheel distance: 630mm
ground clearance: 100mm
climbing ability: less than 150
seat height: 620mm
dry weight: 120kg
max. speed: less than 20km/h
tyre size (fr. /rr. ) : 16W8-7/16W 8-7
brake mode (fr. /rr. ) : drum brake in the front wheel , /disk brake in the rear wheel
compression ratio: 13.17:1
idling: 3500r/min

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