Sell AU Gotha Terms.

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3. The FCO will be issued under the Buying Entity and name of the Signatory, signed by Mr. -----------, and shall be faxed directly to the authorised representative of the Buyer or directly to the Principal Buyer. This is to avoid the signed documents being circulated.

4. The Buyer will have to confirm to you the acceptance of the Gotha Procedures for the "test tranche", equivalent to EURO2.5 MILLION, which is approximately 15 Bars of 12.50KG each, approximately 190 KG.

5. On Buyerside commissions, there is 2 persons, and myself and then down the line from you
6. I am attaching the draft contract with full SWISS PROCEDURES for the 2,300MT (now, it is 1,700 and 900 MT ONLY) and this is the main contract, but, this will not start until 4 above is completed

Once again, if the Buyer accept the Seller Gotha procedures, please, let me know the name of the Buyer, if possible, though this is not compulsory.