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The AUTO DIGI TECH and all information in this manual are intended for repair of odometers only. When buying this product, the buyer promises to use this product only in accordance with the laws of the state in which it is sold.

Choose Language
Here you can choose a different language for the Tacho Universal. Deutsch, English, Polski, Espanol, Italiano, France

First you have to enter the old PIN. Then the handheld asks you for the new PIN that you have to repeat again. The password consists of a combination of pressing 6 buttons of your choice.

Erase all eeps
With this menu you erase all data that you have saved before. First you have to press E to verify, then you have to enter your PIN.

Clear 1 EEP
Here you can erase the last data you have saved.

Verify Pin
With this menu you can switch on or off the password function when starting the handheld. With the button OK the handheld will ask you for the password after every start of the handheld, with the button STOP you can swith it off. To switch it off you have to verify it with the password.
we also support
1. update 2006 DIGA or DIGA clone from China;
2. software for unlocking the Tacho Handheld after 50 times of use.

We also provide other auto diagnostic tools. Pls contact us for more information.