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TZ \ HZ Series relay single-phase voltage stabilizers, adopting the double sampling, double stabilizing voltage, and the advanced electronic automatic controller, which employs the time-base IC for time-delay, offer the advantages of quick work, accurate timing, steady performance, safety and electricity-saving, excellent design, reasonable construction, easy operation, wide input voltage range, etc, The voltage stabilizers are the universal protectors in the high-grade household appliances, such as refrigerator, television, and so on.

Capacity : 350W--10kW
Single-phase input voltage 160-270V/125-270V Frequency -50Hz-60Hz
Single-phase output voltage 220Vallurary 110% Ambient temperature from -10 to +400
Voltage Over voltage <=250V Dielectric strength 1500V/min
Delayed Time 3-10 Insulation re is stance 2M(Ohms)