Sell AW- DVB-T 2000 Full Duplex Microwave Link –(move)

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AW- DVB-T 2000 Full Duplex Microwave Link (move)

AW- DVB-T 2000 series equipments is up to the minute generation radio image transmit equipment, which adopt COFDM FM technique to design. It contents portable, Car-mounted type and airborne. And it makes customers get beat all freedom from under the high speed sport, with disturb video condition transmit in real time by high quality image and locale news collect, live programme, dynamic control in real time. etc. apply areas! However outdoor, indoor, in car, in air, it also transmit high quality image signals to digital wireless O. B. Van, digital Wireless Studio or Wireless Command Center. It uses conveniency, adapt to all apply conditions, which could setting frequency, power, modulate mode, correct mode, protect space and other parameters according to users' requirements.

 Equipment characteristic

7 Frequency: 330~460MHz , 600~800MHz, 1.0~1.4GHz, 2.3~2.7GHz (or custom)

7 With manual FM knob, set up multi frequency point

7 High quality digital Video disposal and MPEG2 video frequency encode. DVD image quality.

7 Shortest encode delay time, port to port is 40ms

7 High speed movement and stability transmit ( V is 240 km/h)

7 Strong transmit and receive capability

7 With encrypt function (AES, ABS)

7 buckle modes, deduct the modes in Chinese operatic music , back-type, car-mounted , airborne structure

7 Little volume, light weight, convenient install and use.

7 Working Condition: Temperature: -10~700, Humidity: <95%, non-condensation

 Using range:

Suit for urban area , maritime , mountain region many kinds of complicated environment high-quality image is it transmit to move in real time, can apply to such trades as broadcasting and TV , army , police , security , traffic , coast defence , maritime affairs , water conservancy , etc. .

AW- DVB-T 2000 piggy-back wireless broadband picture transmission equipment.

Equipment uses:

Suitable for the individual soldier --Car, individual soldier --Fixing point, the high clear image is gathered and transmitted, it can install and carry on image transmission on the sport carrier , transmit distance reach 80 kilometers under the open condition of video.


Frequency: 330~460MHz, 600~800MHz, 1.0~1.4GHz, 2.3~2.7GHz

Output power: 500mw/1w

Compressed format: MPEG II 4:2:0 AV frequency digital compress

Accord ISO/IEC 13818 (MP@ML)

Modulate mode: COFDM, 2K (1705) accord ETS 300744

Constellation Modulate: QPSK, 16QAM

Video Frequency channel: 2~15Mbps

Video Frequency input: PAL/NTSC

Audio Frequency channel: two

Data passway: RS-232, 9600bps

Passway bandwidth: 6/7/8MHz

FEC: Viterbi (1/2, 2/3, 3/4)

Protect space: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4

Power supply: AC 220V or DC12V/15V

Shape size: 110mmW80mmW150mm(LWWWH)

Weight: 1.8kg