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Trade Name:Abamection

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Original drug powder is white or yellow crystals (including B1a>=90%) , Vapor pressure <200nPa, melting point is 1500-1550, 210 Solubility in water 7.8 mg/ L, acetone 100, toluene 350, isopropanol 70, chloroform 25(g/L) at room temperature is difficult to decompose.

Mode of action and features:
Contact and stomach poison infiltration. It is a double sugar macrolide compounds. Isolated from the microbial natural products, on insects and mites with contact and stomach toxicity and a weak fumigation, no inside suction.

1. Control diamondback moth, cabbage worm, the young larvae of 1000-1500 times using 2% Abamectin +1000 1% emamectin times, can effectively control the damage, after 14 days to control effects of diamondback moth still amounted to 90-95%, the control effect on Pieris more than 95%.

2. Control grain gold miner, leafminer, leaf miner, Liriomyza sativae and vegetables, whitefly and other pests, the egg hatching and larvae of 3000-5000 times with 1.8% Avermectin EC +1000 times high chloride spray 7-10 days after drug control effect is still more than 90%.

3. Control of beet armyworm, with 1,000 times the 1.8% Avermectin EC (Love Snow 3) , 7-10 days after the anti-drug effect is still more than 90%.

4. Control of fruit trees, vegetables, grain and other crops, spider mites, gall mites, mites and all kinds of resistance to yellow tea aphids, using the 4000-6000 times the 1.8% Avermectin EC spray.

5. Control Vegetable Root Knot Nematode, according to 500 ml per mu love with the clear promise worm 3, the control rate was 80-90%.

Packing: 25 kg/drum or according to customers' requirements.

Other formulation:18g/L EC
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