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Waterproof abrasive paper use high-class European kraft paper or latex paper as backing, high strength resin as adhesive, silicon carbide or fused alumina as abrasive and adopt advanced high-voltage electrostatic technology. They are suitable for both dry and wet sanding. In some conditions, wet sanding can prevent dust, reduce heat during sanding and may improve the quality of work pieces and extend its service life. This type of abrasive paper is widely used for sanding and polishing in industries like automobiles, airplanes, ship, light industry, leather processing, furniture and decorations etc.
Anti-clog coated abrasive paper is made with a special super coating with characters of anti-clog, fast heat radiation and non-adhesiveness of wood scrap. Its a better choice for the polishing of soft materials. Its widely use in industries like furniture, wood floor and musical instrument etc.