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Specifications : (line length 75cm) 5/0-1 # 2 #
Packaging: The 12 / dozen; 50 dozen / case; Carton size: 30 * 28.5 * 32.5CM3 / Box
Product Description: This can be absorbed collagen suture line is the State Food and Drug Administration approved for registration only in our country which has a component of collagen name of this specific type of natural medical suture line. The suture line of nutrition inherent in the use of collagen, repair, and its effective zoom function, so that the wound at the structural organization as much as possible to return to preoperative status, wound healing formation, without leaving marks Ban.
Advantage of features of a product is also a thread, not the same as all other functions of the medical home and abroad now have only one suture suture line feature, the only way this can absorb collagen suture in the suture attached to an outside function of damaged tissues repair nutritional function, this is the suture line suture compared to other essential features and differences.
Second, for the first time will be divided into fast suture absorption and absorption of the two types of protection, so that the safety of operation and to achieve a high degree of perfection: 1, fast absorption and effective support for time to 7-10 days, completely absorbed in about 45 days ; 2, effective support for protection of absorption time of 28 days or so, completely absorbed in about 60 days;
Second, absorption of full, safe and high performance of this suture line does not contain any toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials residue, digestion absorption, absorption completely, is a very high safety green medical suture material.
Third, good biocompatibility, non-rejection of the sutures during processing have been removed impurities, non-allergenic factors, without any skin irritation and skin allergies.
4, using special processing techniques to obtain good tensile strength
The tensile strength of a single suture line value in excess of YY1116-2002 standard, on average, which is a natural-type sutures to overcome the low tensile strength of a major breakthrough, greatly improving the safety of the use of this suture reduces the doctor's difficult to use.
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