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ACAI Acai: (Euterpe Oleracea or the Brazilian Date Palm Berry) is grown in the Amazon flood basin. Acai is a slender multi-stemmed palm producing a dark purple colored round shaped berry, which is more seed than berry. Each tree produces 3 to 4 branches of fruit with each branch accounting for 3 to 6 kilograms of fruit.

The fruit is harvested from July to December. Acai is considered "nature's perfect food. " Used by the Brazilians for thousands of years for its healing and nutritional properties. Identified as one of the top ten age defying super foods.

Acai has traditionally demonstrated the following effects Increased stamina Improved ingestion Improved mental focus Improved cholesterol levels Improved sleep Strengthened immune system Supports cardiovascular health Cleansing and detoxifying Improved sexual function Acai contains: Vitamin b1 Vitamin b2 Vitamin b3 Vitamin e Vitamin c Phosphorus Calsium Potassium Fiber Proteins Iron Essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 9.
Supply Capacity
50 metric tons per month