Sell Accelerated IFR written excam Ground School course & Seminars

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IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Ground School classes and Seminars are made to suite both new IFR pilots or pilots seeking recurrency of their expired IFR tickets.
These accelerated TWO day IFR Courses are given during the weekends across Canada (see Schedule below)

Occasionally these Canadian IFR courses are conducted overseas to accomodate organized classes approving the Canadian IFR program.
Under Certain conditions, ATIS118.8 IFR Ground School classes and Seminars may respond to special requests made by Canadian flight schools to conduct organized classes at the requested location.
Requirement for IFR Ground-School Enrollment:
Prior enrolling a student in a scheduled IFR ground-school class and prior shipping the class preparation study materials, ATIS118.8 shall receive via fax or mail the Enrollment Form (F1) filled up, dated and signed along with the down payment fees.
How to Enroll?
I- To enroll in an IFR Ground-school scheduled class, send us
an E-mail or call to receive the Enrollment Form (F1) .

Your E-mail shall include the following:
1- Desired class date (see below schedule)
2- Number of students to attend the class,
3- City, Province and Country.