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Easy Tool is advanced software development kit specially designed for customer's second development on the basis of China-Vision IOAccess serial products.

Easy Tool is suitable for full series of access control and time/attendance products, e. g. CV8600, CV9600 in13.5MHz, EL500, EL600 in EL125kHz technology. With Easy Tool, it's very easy and quick for customers to develop their expected software like access control, time/attendance, meeting signature, guard tour etc.

Better than SDK, Easy Tool provides brief and immediate method to call function, therefore, the developer DO NOT need take much time to get hardware knowledge such as the underlying parameter, control and management, and of course it simplified developer's work and shorten development period.

Easy Tool uses the COM (Component Object Model) technology, so it supports several development environments and can be called by several kinds of development tools, such as VB, VC, Delphi, C#, JAVA.


1) Call COM Interface in the form of windows instead of SDK API
Easy Tool integrates all the SDK features of IOAccess serial products into a development kit with windows, therefore, when developing their application software based on IOAccess serial products, developers just Call the COM Interface of Easy Tool in the form of windows other than write codes to Call the complicate SDK API to manage controller.
2) No need to know much about Hardware
For the application such as time attendance, guard tour, and meeting signature, developers only need to call Easy Tool function with windows, without much knowledge for IOAccess products.
3) Easy Tool modules are displayed in the form of windows.
Easy Tool has four modules, including card manager, user manager, controller manager, and Real-time monitor. All these modules provide the windows display mode, that is, it displays in the way of windows when developers Call these modules.
4) Easy to design windows
COM Interface provides every function with no windows to facilitate developers' designing windows by calling the corresponding function to realize the same feature.
5) Database setting software
Easy Tool provides database setting software to connect user's database, so users can save data to their own database.
6) Easy Tool supports multi-language.
The default language setting is English which is saved in the document *. ini. If other language is needed to change, just translate the English text in document *. ini into the expected language.
7) Support Client Server
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