Sell Access Control

Access Control
Work electric voltage: DC12V
Work Temperature#:-15!f--+45!f
Opposite Humidity in work:(Q95%
High Temperature Saving:+55!f!@2!f
Low Temperature Saving:-25!f!@3!f
The communication connects: RS-485
Supreme Communication line:1200 m
Data Transmission Speed: 4800bps
The microcomputer control, the intelligence operation, having the operation display.
The biggest capacity can connect 9999 indoor extension.
Can establish 999 sets open to lock the password.
Defend to withdraw to report to the police the function.
Can call extension and management centers, and with it converse, transfer to see the signal of Frequency.
Can be managed the center call sign, is controlled to open the lock.
Code the key,4 figureless manifestation.
Have no a rest and all functions for the switch connects, having the control at gate of JS641B
The JS6412 control at gate mold piece can also used for a lot of other model numbers of to speak the host, can apply in many have installed before again to speak for now of host to increase the situation of the control at gate mold piece