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The potassium salt of 6-methy-2, 2-oxathiazine-4 (3H) -one-2, 2-dioxide Shape: white, virtually odorless, crystalline powder Molecular formula: C4H4NO4KS Molecular weight: 201. 24 CAS no. : 55589-62-3S Code: GB19. 011, INS NO. 950 Advantages: Good taste, similar to surcose in terms of taste Higher sweetness: about 200 times sweeter than surcrose Easily dissolved: dissolving quickly and easily in water under room temperature Non-calorie: no metabolism and no calorific value in the body, suitable for diabetics. Synergistic effect: Acesulfame-K has a distinguished synergistic effect when used in combination with other sweeteners, which can make 20-40% reduction in the quantity of product required. Long-lasting stability: no loss quality for 10 years during storage, no hydroscopic, high physical and chemical stablility even at 225 DEG. C or the range of PH 2-10, no interaction with other involved ingredients and additives. Application: Acesulfame K is widely used in various kind of food. Acesulfame K is the most suitable sweetner for soft beverage because of its high stability and good taste, it can be used in such foodstuffs as sweetner: soft drink, chewing gum, cofee (instant) , tea (instant) , dairy product analogs, gelatins, puding desserts, tablitop sweetner and baked food. Standard: Meets FCCIV, BP, EP, FAP / WHO, JECFA etc. Packing: Use paper carton or fiber drum, lined with two polyethylene inner bags or aluminium foilbags, fiber pallet, wound with polyethylene fime.