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Acesulfame potassium is a calorie-free artificial sweetener, also known as Acesulfame K or Ace K (K from Kalium, Latin for potassium) , and marketed under the trade names Sunett and Sweet One. In the European Union it is also known under the E number (additive code) E950.
Acesulfame K is 180-200 times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar) , as sweet as aspartame, about half as sweet as saccharin, and one-quarter the sweetness of sucralose. Like saccharin, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste, especially at high concentrations.
Unlike aspartame, acesulfame K is stable under heat, even under moderately acidic or basic conditions, allowing it to be used in baking, or in products that require a long shelf life. In carbonated drinks it is almost always used in conjunction with another sweetener, such as aspartame or sucralose.
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