Sell Acesulfame-k

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1) Intensive sweetness, 200times as sweet as sucrose in 3% solution
2) No avsorbing moisture and no peculiar smell
3) Readily soluble and highly stable in water
4) Having neither toxin nor by-effects
5) Having low-caloric value and no raising blood glucose level, especially suitable for diabetics
6) No sausing tooth decayed
7) A wide range of applications, such as foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and table-top sweetners
8) Introducing a healthy image for final products, such as clean taste, tooth-protecting and sugar-free
9) Reducing production cost, maintaining or prolonging shelf-life
10) Having synergistic effect when used in combination with sucrose, aspartame and other sweeteners, remarkably increasing sweetness

25kg fibre drum or carton box