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Common Name:Acetamiprid

CAS : 160430-64-8
Formula : C10H11ClN4

Chemical Name: (E) - N-[(6-Toxic-3-pyridinyl) methyl] - N-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide

Nature : Appearance of white crystals, melting point of 101.0-103.3 0 C the vapor pressure of less than 1 W 10-Pa (25 0 C) . 25 0 C in water solubility 4200ml / L, can dissolve in acetone; Methanol; Ethanol; Styrene; Chloroform; Acetonitrile; Tetrahydrofuran so. PH = 7 in the water stability, PH = 9:00, 45 0 Cgradually hydrolysis, in the sunlight stability.

Purposes : with Imidacloprid is the same series, but its insecticidal broader spectrum than imidacloprid, the main right cucumber; Apple; Citrus; The tobacco aphids have better control effect.

Package: 25kg/drum