Sell Acetic  Silicone  Sealant

Acetic  Silicone  Sealant You May Also Be Interested In: acetic silicone neutral silicone sealant
* One-component, medium modulus, acidic cure. Ease to use.
* Excellent weatherproofing ability.
* Excellent adhesion for most building materials including glass, ceramic, aluminum, wood, stainless steel, plastic.
* Excellent contact-change ability, no seasonal limited use.

* Sealing the joint of windows and doors of house during fixing.
* The second seal for hollow glass.
* Automobile sealing, shipping joint waterproofing, packaging. Sticking doorplate.


* The sealed place must be completely cleaned and dried. If necessary, washing them with solvents such as toluene or acetone
* In order to keep better appearance. The joint of cover outside areas should be masked with tape before sealants apply.
* Sealant can be repaired immediately and the masking tape should be removed before sealant skins.

* Don't use as structure glue.
* Don't use in areas where no moisture has.
* Don't use in the places where have permeated grease, plasticizer or solvent such as wood permeated oil, uncured or half-cured resins etc.
* The products have poor adhesion to concrete, marble, mirror-glass, Zn-plated materials because of corrosion produced by acetic sealant. In this case, please select neutral silicone sealant.

300ml cartridges.

Clear, white , and others by customer.

9 months in dry, cool place

The uncured sealant will irritate skins, Don't touch it for a long time, when eyes touch, washing it immediately with plenty of water and get help from doctors, Far from foods, drugs and cosmetics. To Keep out of reach of children.