Sell Acetoacet Anilide

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Acetoacetanilide (AAA)
Chemical Structure: C6H5NHCOCH2COCH3P
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Purity %: 99min
Melting Point: 82.50min
Acetoacetanilide is used in manufacturing agricultural chemicals, coating materials, dyes and pigments ( the dry colors generally referred to as Hansa and benzidine yellows) as well as a co-promoters for unsaturated polyesters. Diketene derivativesa (mainly cetoacetic acid derivatives and heterocycles) have versatile applications including making agrochemicals, dyes, pigments, pharmaceuticals including vitamins, and stabilizers for PVC and polyester. Acetoacetic acid and its esters contain active methylene groups which have relatively acidic alpha-protons due to H atoms adjacent to two carbonyl groups. The reactivity of its methylene group provide the sequence of reactions of alkylation, hydrolysis of the esters and decarboxylation resulting in substituted ketones. Acetoacetic acid derivatives are important aliphatic parts adjoining azo dyes.