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Product name: Acetyl-Resveratrol
MF : C20H18O6
MW : 354
Specification: >=98%

Acetyl resveratrol is called prodrug on medicinal chemistry. Hydroxyls are replaced by acetyls.
Acetyl-resveratrol is more stable than trans-resveratrol. When absorbed, it returns to resveratrol under action of metabolism.

Scientists have started analyzing these naturally occurring analogs to determine why it is they seem to be so biologically active and important. What they found was that among these analogs, acetylated phenolics exhibited a higher level of activity that is attributed to faster absorption and greater cellular uptake. The existence of these acetylated phenolic compounds in natural sources has been established in many recent studies and the comparative data is being studied extensively. So far the naturally occurring acetylated derivatives of Resveratrol have been identified in plants and specifically, triacetylated resveratrol has been found in marine invertebrates.

The main drawback with current resveratrol forms is the low oral bioavailability. Resveratrol is water-insoluble substance; it can be easily excreted when intaked. This is why finding these acetylated analogs has been so significant; they have better bioavailability and increased biological activity in comparison to the base phenolic compounds. Multiple studies have shown that acetylated analogs of Resveratrol exhibit the same or higher inhibitory effects on various tumor cell lines than Resveratrol itself while being absorbed faster and resisting cellular breakdown. Since the acetylated Resveratrol is being absorbed more quickly, plasma levels in the body reach a higher level and at a faster rate. Through ester hydrolysis enzymes in the body actually break down acetylated Resveratrol back to its natural phenolic form.
Dosage form varied from pill to capsule up to different requirements when use Acetyl-resveratrol as raw material.

Resveratrol is unstable because its Hydroxyls are active group when exposure to oxygen, light and heat. The purpose of acetylation is to inactivate Resveratrol before absorption.
Acetyl-resveratrol is soluble in water (but not resveratrol) . Therefore, it can be widely used in cosmetic industry, pharmaceutics, food, beverage, health products.