Sell Acetylacetone with high purity(C5H8O2)

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Use: The short form of acetylacetone is AA,
CA No. : CASNO123-54-6.
Physical property: At normal temperature it is colorless or yellowish fluid transparent liquid.
Melting point: -23:C,
Boiling point: 140.6:C\760mm mercury column, relative density, refractive index 20=1.4494,
Flash pont: (open)40.4:C,
Self-ignition point: 340:C.

Pure acetylacetone has the odor of ester. It is soluble in water, can be dissolved with organic solvents such as ethanol, aether, chloroform, acetone and glacial acetic acid etc. . . Acetylacetone is a kind of important intermediates of organic synthesis, mainly used in the materials for producing sulphonamide and animal remedy. Also used as solvent of cellulose acetate, additive of gasoline and lubricant, dryer of paint and varnish, bactericide and pesticide etc. . . The capacity will increase to 6000 ton per year.

Packaging: 220kg plastic pail. This product is flammable and explosive
Storage: Stored in dry and cool place.

Safety: It can not be touched with eyes or mouth.
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