Sell Achyranthes Saponin for shrimp growth promoter

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Stimuler is a natural plant extract. The effective ingredient of extract is saponins, which are glycosides of phyto-steroids or terpenoids.

It stimulates the protein synthesis, the ecdysis of crustacean, shrimp, and crab and so on. So it can increase the growth rate of crustacean. Shrimp cannot produce the cholesterol that is the precursor of ecdysis hormone owing to lack of squalene oxidocyclase. So, cholesterol must be supplied through the shrimp feed. Cholesterol is changed to ecdysis hormone through multi-process in associated with enzymes. But, this multi-process is inhibited by many kinds of stress. In conclusion, direct supply of phyto-ecdysteroids in saponins is better than supply of cholesterol.

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