Sell Acidifier (Acid-all)

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Acidifier (Acid-all)

(High concentrated Acidifiers)
Lactic Acid  28.0 Min
Formic Acid  14.0 Min
Citric Acid  8.0 Min
Etc.  10.0 Min
Carrier  Plant extract, Silica

What is Acid-All?
Acid-all is a mixture of organic acids produced with latest technology. With this technology different acids are put on high concentrated acidifiers. Acid-all is not a corrosive and toxic but very easy to handle. Acid-all is a unique and specially designed acidifier. Thanks to special Carrier  Herb extracts improve of palatability, masking unpleasant smell of acidifiers.
Each acid has secondary effects that increase the effect of each acid taken alone by synergy activities.
Physical Property
Form Free flowing granulate powder
Color Grey-White

* 25 kg nets multiple paper bags with plastic inner side on a pallet
* Stable for a minimum of 2 years under normal storage conditions

Swine Feed : 3~5kg/ton (0.3~0.5%)
Piglet : Better digestibility and prevention of Diarrhoea (0.5%)
Growing : Prevent development Salmonella and E-coli in the intestine (0.3%)
Lactation sow: improve Feed intake and digestibility (0.2~0.3%)
General : FEED INTAKE IMPROVEMENT (0.1~0.2%)

Poultry : 1~2kg/ton (0.1~0.2%)
Developing digestive system and prevent of wet droppings