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Appearance: A colorless to yellow volatile liquid with a disagreeable choking odor
Molecular Formula:C3H4O
Formula Weight:56.06
Density:0.84 g/cm3
Boiling Point:52.70C
Melting point: -86.90C
Flash point:-260C
Moisture: 0.3%max
CAS Number:107-02-8
Use:Acrolein can used in the manufacture of methionine (feed additives) ; generated by the reduction of allyl alcohol, glycerol source for the production of materials; generated by the oxidation of acrylic acid, acrylic resin system can be further used acrylic paint; acrolein of dimer can be used for system II aldehydes, are widely used in papermaking, tanning, and textile; acrolein is produced dialdehyde, 1,2,6 triol and has the raw materials, such as cross-linker; also in colloidal osmium, ruthenium, rhodium manufacturing. The role of acrolein and bromine can be 2,3 - dibromo-C-formaldehyde, methylamine used in the manufacture of antineoplastic agents such as methotrexate, also used as a foreign oil field injection water fungicides to inhibit bacterial growth in water to prevent bacteria in formation caused by issues such as corrosion and plugging.
Available Colors
A colorless to yellow volatile