Sell Acrylic Impact Modifiers LS series

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Acrylic Impact Modifier LS Series
1. Brief
LS series Impact Modifier is weatherability Acrylic Impact Modifier used in rigid PVC products. It is a core  shell structure modifier with cross-linked poly butyl acrylic as core and graft methyl methacrylate as shell. It not only can improve impact proof performance of the product, but also can increase the surface gloss of the product, especially the weatherability of the product. It is especially suitable for outdoor products and broadly used in PVC profiles, sheets, boards, pipes, pipe fitting etc.

2. Product Advantage
Compare to CPE and other impact modifiers, LS series AIM have the following advantages:
(1) . Imparts excellent low-temperature impact resistance.
(2) . Excellent weatherability;
(3) . Improve product surface gloss greatly;
(4) . Wide processing range for high speed extrusion;
(5) . Improve impact strength while keep good rigidity of product.