Sell Acrylic sheet, PMMA

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laser engraving board
Acrylic Sheet is named PMMA sheet or Organic glass sheet. The Chemical name is Polymethyl methacrylate.
Acrylic sheet are widely used in engraving, advertisement sheet, instrument, parts of instrument, lamps, decoration, airplane, automobile fittings, medical appliances, work of art, insulation material for electrical appliances, specimen, sign board and various articles for light industry, culture and education, livelihood, etc.
Good Features:
1, Very good transparency
2, Good weather resistance
3, Good mechanical processability
4, Light, safe in use
5, Non-toxic
6, Easy to process

Width*Length: 1m*1.5m, 1.25m*2.45m, 1.25m*1.85m, 2.05m*3.05m etc.
Thickness: 1.5mm~20mm
Colors: transparent, translucent, all kinds of colors as requirement.