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Activated clay desiccant
Its raw material is high---quality montmorillonite in Inrer Mongolia montmorillonite is higher than 95% in purity. Its products have powerful moisture absorbency, so it can reduce moisture in a statie ststc and eliminate peculiar smell. It can also absorb something quickly and powerfully, It is nonpoisonous, tasteless. It does not corrode somerhing else and pollute enviromment. It can be decomposed completely in the air and is known as green product in enviromment protection. It widely used in food , medicine , electron priducts , war-industry products , amd comtaimers and container for shipping . Compared with silicagel, It is low in price and advantageous in function . It is the substitute for Silicagel desiccant.
About parameters.
1. Montmorilleter content:>95%
2. Color: pale grey or purple
2. Residual moisture: 1,0 % max. Test BS 7529 ( 75 g. of clay shall be dried for 4 hours in a oven controlled at 145 0C ) .
3. absorption capacity: >18% (Climatic chamber at 40% R. H. and 25 0C)
4. Chlorides: absence
5. Size: 1-4 mm irregular granular
6. PH: 7
8. Packing: 1.0-1.1 MT/Bag, big bags with inside HDPE sac protection thickness 120 microns
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
pale grey or purple
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