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Activated alumina ball has large capacity of absorption, high surface area, high strength and thermal stability, which is widely used as an absorbent, desiccant and catalyst carrier in chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer industries.
1. KA401 Absorbent
2. KA402 Defluoridizer
It is a white ball grain, with a high volume of fluorine killing, good physical function, high strength, no harm, and no smell. It will not soften, expand or split after sinking in water and is safe to use. It is easy to be regenerated and have a long life. Its mainly used in drinking water and alkyl benzene defluoridizer.
3. KA403 Absorbent for H2O2
4. KA404 Antichlor
5. KA405 Catalyst Carrier
6. KA406 Absorbent in Air Separation
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