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Our company offer the new generation tattoo removal & eyebrow purifying laser system, the Active Q-switch laser Tattoo Removal Equipment (FRT-QW-I) with high quality and low prices. The Active Q-switch Laser is adopted the new generation laser technology -- pure (single) polarized laser output. With higher pick power and pure polarization state, the Active Q-switch laser gives better treatment effect of the pigment. While those unnecessary laser output in other states are wiped off, the possible damage to normal skin tissue and the pain feeling can be reduced enormously. Contrasted with the Passive Q-switch, the Active Q-switch laser output makes the treatment more effective and safe. Another, with more shorter pulse width 8-9 ns laser output, the Active Q-switch laser acting time is much shorter than the skin thermal relaxation time, thus gives only fleeting acupuncture pain.

Main characteristics:
1. Remove pigmented skin lesions, eliminate traumatic hyper-pigmentations and hybrid pigment perpigmentations.
2. Cleaning all kinds of tattoos, including black, blue, red, coffee, brown and other colors.
3. Remove the black and blue pigments on eyebrow, eye line and lip line.
4. Remove the black and blue pigments, freckles, aged spots, navus of Ota, nevus flammeus, acne rosacea, hemangioma as well as the spiderweb size vascular expansion and other types of blood vessel lesions.
5. The first true handheld the Active Q-switch Laser system for pigment removal, Truly achieve single-pulse laser output and the output energy can be adjusted sequentially.
6. The first direct output Q-switch laser system for pigment removal, the single pulse energy more than 400mJ.
7. Pluse width less than 9ns, the output for narrow pulse light is very stable and the output peak power for single-pulse is more stable.
8. Remove the pigments faster and cleaner, the pain is milder than the normal laser equipment treatment.
9. More reasonable circulation cooling system can extend the treatment time for the equipment more effectively.
10. Microcomputer-controlled module, remove your maintenance trouble.
11. Its powerful function and performance can compare with a large advanced Q-swithch laser equipment.
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