Sell Active RFID Tag

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*Extended Read Range
*Multi-Tag Capability
*Compact Low-Cost Design
*Simplified Installation

>>System SPEC.
*communication: 2.45GHz Support read and write
*Frequency: 2.40~2.48GHz
*Channel: 256
*Address: 65536
*RSSI: 0-255
*ID: 64 bits
*Program: Set parameter
*LED: Tag action or R/W status(hidden in housing)
*Memory : 4K bytes ~ 32K bytes (option)
*TEMP: (option)
*Beeper: (option)
*Tamper Switch: (option)

>>Power Require
*Battery: 3VDC CR2032
*Battery life: 1 year ~ 7 year
*Action Current: 24mA@3 VDC @0.5ms

*Operating: -20 oC to 65 oC, 5 to 95%RH
*Storage: -30 oC to 85 oC, 5 to 95%RH
*Dimensions: 42W x 30H x 10D (mm)
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