Sell Acupuncture Foot Massager with Kneading Function

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The main features & functions are as following:
1) 15 kinds stimulate modes for sole and body
There are 15 kinds electromagnetic wave stimulate modes for your sole or body, will effectively stimulate the relative points of sole or body, speed up blood circulation and promote metabolism, eliminate bodys toxin.

2) 99 kinds electromagnetic waves intensity
According to body's required, and will arrive at your required ideal result in proper sequence.

3) 4pcs man-style electrode stickers make you feel relaxation (as the above picture)
Put the electrode stickers on body, such as the waist, abdomen, back etc. will effectively cure the ache of shoulder, legs, waist and arms.

4) Kneading functions
There are three kneading massage modes for your choice, up-down move kneading massage, point kneading massage, and automatic kneading massage.

5) The electromagnetic wave massage and the kneading massage will be choiceable
You can enjoy the electromagnetic wave massage or kneading massage together or detached.

6) Moveable controller
The moveable controller can be adjusted freely, and the positive and negative sides can be put on this apparatus that form the perfect integrate with the main unit. The moveable controller is connected with this massager by wire.

7) Electrode wires
The electrode wires with four-output pin (as the above picture) .

8) The effect after using
l Strength function of five zang-organs and six fu-organs and immunity
l Expedite venation
l Activate cells and promote metabolism
l Promote blood circulation
l Eliminate fatigue and ache & wrench of sole
l Relieve the freeze and aches of muscles
l Improve sleep of insomnia sufferer
l Relieve hemiparesis, palsy and nerve paralysis
l Decompose effectively the surplus fat cell in your body
l Smooth the excreting of sebaceous gland, and reduce the fat accumulation in some parts of body
l Increase lymphatic return and rebirth of collagen
l Reduce the orange peel and make the skin tender, smooth, and gloosy
l Exercise the sturdy muscles and assist to cure astriction.

9) Electric parameter
Input: AC/100 ~ 120v or AC/ 220~240v, 50-60HZ
Output: DC/21V-2500ma
Rated Current : 1600ma
Output frenquency: 1~500hz