Sell Adaptec 39160 SCSI Controller Card LVD/SE Ultra 160

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The Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 delivers all-out performance for enterprise seersrv. Combining a 64-bit PCI interface with two Ultral 60 SCSI channels; this card moves data at the fastest speeds possible. The Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 supports up to 30 devices, making it ideal for connecting external drive arrays for mirroring and striping multiple SCSI hard drives to deliver the ultimate performance in the most demanding environments.

>160 MByte/sec performances on two channels
>Seamless backwards compatibility protects legacy devices
>Industry-leading compatibility, reliability
>CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Checking) improves data integrity
>Domain Validation intelligently verifies system configuration for
improved reliability

Customer Needs:
The fastest performance in enterprise servers

System Environment:
High-end servers

Key Differentiators:
>Takes full advantage of 64-bit PCI
>Connectivity for up to 30 SCSI peripherals with one card

Data Transfer Rate:
Up to 160 MB/sec, on each channel

External Connectors:
Two 68-pin VHDCI for LVD SCSI devices

Internal Connectors:
Two 68-pin for LVD SCSI
One 50-pin for Ultra SCSI

Bus Type:
64-bit PCI (32-bit compatible)

System Requirements:
Intel PC or equivalent
Available PCI slot
Brand Name
Model Number