Sell Adapter with CE plug

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Model: EI28 Series AC/DC
Power Adapter for Europe market with CE, GS Certificate
Input voltage: 220-240VAC 50Hz
Output: 0.5-2.5W 1.2-24VDC
Suitable for consumable electronic products, such as: MP3/MP4, electronic toys, game player, mobile phone and audio/video products
Instruction Manual

Please keep reading the following safety notes use or examination:
1. The product is used only within doors or at the dry location.
2. Dont store or use this product in the erosional condition.
3. The ambient temperature around the product must be kept for room temperature because overheat and effect on the feature and working life of product.
4. According to the technical specification of product, it must be connected with correct power input and specified output load or terminal appliance so that it cant be broken. Please do pay attention to the input voltage and frequency.
5. The disconnection from line voltage is taken by pulling the mains plug.
6. The product is not intended to be repaired by service personnel in case of failure including component defect or crack of the enclosure and external flexible cord damaged etc. It must be discarded.
7. If you have any technical question, please do not hesitate to consult the supplier directly
Brand Name
hskpower or OEM
as your request