Sell Additive RC-90 For Sn-Co-Zn Alloy Plating

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Additive RC-90 For Sn-Co-Zn Alloy Plating
Specific Properties & Application
1. The deposit with corrosion resistance and brightness is similar to Chromo-plating in appearance.
2. Less additive consumption and higher covering power than Chromium plating.
3. Suitable for barrel plating of small parts.
4. Applying RC-90 for an alternative to Chromium plating in light industry products without special hardness requirements.
Bath Composition & Operating Condition
Stannous Chloride 20 ~ 30 g/L
Cobaltous Chloride 8 ~ 12 g/L
Zinc Chloride 5 ~ 10 g/L
Potassium Pyrophosphate 220 ~ 280 g/L
RC - 90 20 ~ 30 ml/L
Stabilizer 4 ~ 8 g/L
Temp. 20 ~ 45 0C
PH 8.5 ~ 9.5
Dk 0.1~ 2 A/dm2
Anode Pure Tin Plate
Bath maintenance
1. No stabilizer is ok, but adding it can make bath preparation successfuland obtain fine deposit.
2. The technique is stable, the main components are adjusted according with assay results, the amount of RC-90 replenished is 150-200 ml/KAH.
3. PH changes little, if it is too low, K4P2O7 will hydrolytic, too high bath will become turbid, it can be adjust with CH3COOH or KOH.
4. Because Cobalt content in bath influences properties of deposit greatly, it must be strictly controlled when adjusting, the bath changes with Cobalt content, other components must be adjusted in proportion according with its change.

a. When the deposit appears darkish, in generally SnCl2 is too low or CoCl is too high, increasing temperature approprately can solve problem as well as adjusting components content.

b. When Zinc content is too low, hanging a small Zinc plate on anode and making it dissolve, then getting it out when it is up to set content.
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10mt per month
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14 days
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25 kgs
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