Sell Adenosine

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we are the manufacturer and distributor of:
Ribavirin(FDA, cGMP, ISO)36791-04-5
Inosine(GMP, ISO, Kosher)58-63-9
L-Proline(GMP, ISO, Kosher)147-85-3
Adenosine(ISO, Kosher)58-61-7
Guanosine(ISO, Kosher)118-00-3
1,2,3,5-Tetra-O-Acetyl-Ribofuranose(TAR or D-Ribose)13035-61-5
Disodium 5'-Inosinate(IMP)(Kosher, Halal, ISO)4691-65-0
Disodium 5'-Guanylate(GMP)(Kosher, Halal, ISO)5550-12-9
Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotide(IMP+GMP)(Kosher, Halal, ISO)IMP+GMP
Monosodium Glutamate(MSG)(ISO)142-47-2
and other pharma raw materials & food additive