Sell Adhesive/Glue for Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Glass

Adhesive/Glue for Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Glass
This serie glue is single-component solvent glue, is made by thermoplastic elastomer, specially for bonding PP, PE. Also suitable for bonding ABS, AS, EVA, HIPS, PVC, metal, rubber, wood, fabric.

Item No. Viscosity mpa.s Solid Content Tensile Strength
SA-244 2300±10% 46±1% >1.20 Mpa
SA-251 6000±10% 54±1% >0.90 Mpa
SA-265 2800±10% 29±1% >0.81 Mpa
JL-070 3900±10% 57±1% >0.27 Mpa

Low odour
Good stability
Strong bonding strength
Doesn’t need treating agent

Widely used in the fields of toys, household products, electronic appliances, home appliances, beauty salon products, adult product, printing supplies, sports equipment, and so on.

Operating condition: Temperature: 25℃±2℃, Relative humidity: 49%~51%
1. Clean the surface completely, remove all the oil and stain.
2. Spread glue thinly on the dry clean surface,
Method A: double-sided spread, when the glue half-dry (about 3-5 min, non hand sticky), then stick two sides together and press tightly to bond them closely. This method can make it initial fixing immediately. Suggest to test the bonding strength after 24 hours.
Method B: single-sided spread, spread glue thinly on one side, put another side stick to it, then wait 24 hours. This method will take 5-15min for initial fixing, but can save some glue. Suggest to test the bonding strength after 24 hours.
3. The maximum bonding strength will be reached in 2- 4 days.
P.S.: If the glue is too thick, can add dilution, mixing ratio: glue: dilution = 10:1 ~ 1:1

For shorting the drying time, you can act as below:
a. Put the bonding item in the oven, adjust the temperature to 50℃~60℃, baking for 6~8 hours, then will be dry out completely.
b. Spread the glue on the surface thinly, and compress for bonding, set it still, air-drying for 24~48hours. (please don’t pour the glue on the surface)

The product should be stored in a cool and well ventilated warehouse and should be kept distance with fire and heat sources. Keep the glue containers tightly closed.

Shelf life: 6 months
Packing: 15kg/drum
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
30 Tons per month
Condition of Goods
23 x 23 x 34 cm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days after deposit received.
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