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To fulfill the requirement of the medical staff and the patient, we develop and produce Boancare--a kind of medical dressing, with its soft wound pad (100% cotton or non-woven fabric) and fine flexibility, the dressing can make patient feel comfortable and easy to accept. When changed, it never brings pain to the patient, but can keep the environment clean and tidy.
The highly absorbent and non-sticky wound pad is easy to use in the post-operations. With coordination of sterile operation, the dressing make an effective barrier against post-operative wound infection.
The adhesive is hypoallergenic and extremely well to tolerate even by patients with sensitive skin.

Characteristics: suitable for long-term application, even on tapering frequently moved parts of the body.
Easy to a dressing size according to the size of the wound, tear the package open
and adhere the dressing to the surface of the wound.
Non-sticky to the wound....the dressing removes painlessly and makes a fine healing condition to the wound area.